Vereinbarkeit Beruf und Familie


Foreword from Carolina Müller-Möhl:

The role of women in the workplace is a discussion that has evolved from a matter of equality and social justice to a matter of competitiveness and good corporate governance. This shifting focus has rapidly gained global traction and we have reached now an unprecedented level of awareness of the importance of gender equality in the workplace.

Despite all the attention this topic is attracting, the gender mix at the top of corporations and in business-critical roles remains largely unchanged and the pace of change is painfully slow.

Undoubtedly, gender equality in the workplace is a complex phenomenon and each organization faces unique challenges in fostering it. But in doing so, all organizations must demonstrate all the focused rigor — measurement, tracking, resource allocation, accountability, and the full commitment of top leadership—it usually displays when the organization pursues critical business goals.

What gets measured gets done.

This is the reason why the Müller-Möhl Foundation believes that EDGE- developed by The Gender Equality Project as the only global assessment methodology and business certification for gender equality in the workplace – has the potential to catalyze the much needed change in this field.

You will read more in this report about the major trends and key figures reflecting the current state of gender equality in corporations. I hope you will not just read about it but you will take concrete, bold actions in your organizations to make corporate gender gap a distortion of the past.“

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