The Müller-Möhl Foundation was established in 2012. Since 2022, it has concentrated on its focus topics of gender equality and reconciling of work and family life. Prior to this, it also dedicated itself to education and local economic development for over ten years. It pursues an entrepreneurial approach and works in a solution-oriented, creative and efficient manner. Our philosophy? Taking responsibility. Taking responsibility means that words are followed by actions; it’s about becoming actively involved while retaining your own values. Stay on the ball is our motto: keep on moving, keep on developing. Our team‘s motto is to stay in touch with life, keep moving forward and keep learning.


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The Müller-Möhl Foundation recently set up the taskforce4women. Its goal is to finally achieve real practiced equality in the sense of better participation and representation for women in Switzerland. It campaigns in six different fields: economics, politics, society, culture, media, and academia.

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What we


As a nonprofit organization, we’re working towards developing Switzerland as a society – and we’ve been doing it since 2012. From the very beginning, education, the reconciliation of work and family life have been important to us. Today, we are focusing on the latter with our taskforce4women. This means that we show our true colors, motivate, and reward talented people. We identify challenges, critically scrutinize, and highlight grievances. We work on sustainable ideas for reform, sometimes by ourselves but more often as part of a team with selected partners. And we assume responsibility by taking a seat at the table, initiating projects, and bringing them to life. In fact, we never stand still. That’s why our motto is: better in the thick of it than lagging behind. Below you can see our commitment in recent years at a glance.



Should we write a chronicle, a whopping great book? That’s something we considered to mark the foundation’s ten-year anniversary. There wouldn’t be any problem filling the empty pages with all the projects and meetings and even the setbacks we’ve experienced over the decade. But we’d much rather keep on working in the here and now with a focus on what lies ahead. That’s why we’re saving our resources and our energy for what we’re doing today – and for whatever the future may bring. However, that doesn’t mean we’re keeping quiet. Here, the founder Carolina Müller-Möhl gives a good-humored interview in which she provides a glimpse behind the scenes, recalls the most unbelievable moments over recent years, and explains why it all had to culminate with a huge event – a party!

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Carolina Müller‑Möhl

President of the Board of Trustees
Carolina Müller-Möhl is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and committed elected official who is the founder and president of the Müller-Möhl Group and the Müller-Möhl Foundation. She has successfully managed the family's investments for more than twenty years.
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Dominique Jakob

Member of the Board of Trustees
Dominique Jakob is Professor of Private Law at the University of Zurich (UZH). His main fields of research and practice include national and international foundation law (with a focus on Swiss, Liechtenstein, and German relations) as well as international estate planning and asset structuring (including trusts).
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Iris Bohnet

Member of the Board of Trustees
Iris Bohnet is the Albert Pratt Professor of Business and Government and co-director of the Women and Public Policy Program at Harvard Kennedy School. She is a behavioral economist, combining insights from economics and psychology to improve decision-making in organizations and society.
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Sandro Fröhlich

Member of the Board of Trustees
Sandro Fröhlich is CEO of the Müller-Möhl Group, the single-family office (SFO) presided over by Carolina Müller-Möhl. He has more than twenty-five years of international capital market experience and extensive expertise in all asset classes.
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Sabine Basler

Dr Sabine Basler is a solution-oriented leader with a scientific background. She has extensive experience in team leadership, strategic projects, contract negotiations and communication. Gender issues have been a constant concern throughout her career.
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Anne Brupbacher

Project Manager
Anne Brupbacher has gained a variety of professional experience over the last few years, most recently as a researcher in one of Switzerland’s largest think tanks, Avenir Suisse, where her main emphasis was on issues related to gender equality.
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Alexandra Berta

Team Assistant
Besides coordinating various administrative tasks including payments and event organization, Alexandra Berta focuses on its online presence and making its activities more visible.
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«I was lucky enough to be taught how to combine family and career from an early age.»

«Nonetheless: men and woman in Switzerland do not experience the same degree of participation and representation. Among other reasons, that’s because it’s often difficult to combine a family and career. But our society is only strong enough for the challenges that lie ahead if 50 percent of all those involved at all levels of economic and cultural life are women.»

Carolina Müller-Möhl , President of the Foundation Board


After ten years of the Müller-Möhl Foundation we have decided to set up a platform all about the reconciliation for work and family life. The taskforce4women is the essence of all our previous work. Our collected knowledge, experience, and energy is being poured into it. But why take this step? Because in Switzerland, equality in the sense of participation and representation for women is still not being practiced, despite numerous attempts and a huge amount of individual commitment. So we believe it’s high time we drove this issue forward rather more expeditiously by combining all our forces.


Where do we see the greatest need for action? How are female ideas heard? What can a business do to be an attractive employer for women? And what advice would we give staff to boost their careers?