Gender Diversity

The mmf is committed to ensuring that the potential of well-educated women is better used. About 50% of all students in Switzerland are women; however, only 5% of members of executive boards in the 100 largest companies are women. MMF stands for mixed teams in the work place, for an increased proportion of women in executive positions and for improved general conditions which allow both men and women to balance a career and family life.

The mmf engages in public relations and organises events to raise awareness about this issue. In addition, mmf actively contributes to problem-solving. mmf also supports The Gender Equality Project, which provides companies with analysis tools for self-evaluation and works with them to discuss possible solutions.

The mmf also supports the Women Back to Business program of the University of St. Gallen (HSG). It provides active assistance to women re-entering or switching to a qualified position, by providing an advanced training course on the subject of business management.

The Generation CEO project, supported by mmf, has a similar objective. This project is intended to support and guide a small number of carefully selected, young up-and-coming women on their way to top business positions with first-class coaching and networking.

To demonstrate the importance of a good childcare infrastructure, mmf also supports the kcc group, a private organisation which develops high-quality childcare services and operates child day care centres.

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