The founder considers herself a social investor, as well as an active citizen of our country. This is reflected in our work ethic – we pursue an entrepreneurial approach and place great emphasis on professionalism. We manage the entire value chain, from the analysis phase through to project implementation. Once a topic is identified, our primary focus is on the acquisition of necessary knowledge. We familiarize ourselves with the current state of research, get in contact with relevant institutions, and consult the most recent data available. We commission studies and work closely with partners to support and implement solutions to the challenge.

Our motto is to “do good and talk about it”. We want to inspire others to become equally active in social issues. We feel privileged to be citizens of Switzerland and believe it is our obligation to uphold the cultural, political and social legacy of our country. This is why we take a clear stance on issues and raise our voice for the values we believe in: Responsibility, commitment and individual freedom. We are convinced that philanthropy is not primarily a matter of money, but a matter of the heart and common sense. Accordingly, the foundation allocates its time, know-how, network, voice and – where necessary – its financial support.