«Foundation can enable change – and I see it as my personal mission to enable foundations to develop effectiveness.»

Dominique Jakob

Member of the Board of Trustees

Dominique Jakob is Professor of Private Law at the University of Zurich (UZH). His main fields of research and practice include national and international foundation law (with a focus on Swiss, Liechtenstein, and German relations) as well as international estate planning and asset structuring (including trusts).

He is a member of the International Academy of Estate and Trust Law (TIAETL), the International Wealth Advisors Forum, the German Society of International Law, and the German Association of Civil Law Professors. His international consulting practice has been recognized by American Lawyer/Legal Week through his election as a member of the “Private Client Global Elite” since 2017.

Professor Jakob studied law in Augsburg, Munich, and Lund (Sweden), and holds a master’s degree in international law from the University of Lund and a PhD from the University of Munich. In 2007, he was made professor in the Faculty of Law at UZH, where he founded the Center for Foundation Law (www.zentrum-stiftungsrecht.uzh.ch) in 2008 and established an international conference, the Zurich Day of Foundation Law, in 2010. In 2022, he was appointed the Delegate of Foundation Law for the executive board of the University of Zurich.