«I am passionate about driving and transforming teams and organizations. It is time now to move the needle together forward on equality between women and men—we all lose out not having women equally integrated in all levels of our society.»

Julia Trzicky


Julia Trzicky is the CEO of the Müller-Möhl Foundation (MMF). She brings with her more than fifteen years of experience in driving and transforming high-performing teams. She is best known for the passion she has shown in empowering women over the course of her career.

Together with her team, Julia Trzicky directs the MMF’s activities with a focus on reconciling work and family. A key driver of our vision of gender parity, the initiative taskforce4women (tf4w) is under Julia Trzicky’s leadership. The tf4w serves as a hub and acts as a Do & Think Tank with a focus on Switzerland. The taskforce is involved in the fields of economics, politics, society, culture, media, and science and has developed an action program based on scientific research. Guided by our mission to promote sustainable change in our society, we take concerted action with partners, working together on specific projects to raise awareness, improve visibility, and change the regulatory framework.

Julia Trzicky worked for seventeen years in the Swiss financial industry in various leadership positions in the areas of wealth management, legal & compliance, and operations. Before that, she also worked for the Swiss Confederation in Berne and the Canton of Zurich as a research associate.

With her passion for gender equality, Julia Trzicky founded and is joint head of the women’s chapter of the EMBA alumni organization at the University of Zurich (UZH), regularly acting as a mentor for young talents in her organization and supported by Caritas Zürich for young women on search for apprenticeship.

Julia Trzicky earned her Master of Laws degree at the University of Fribourg, was subsequently admitted to the bar of the Canton of Zurich, and a few years later completed an Executive MBA at UZH.